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Hart InterCivic Joins Accenture, VeriSign and Others in Department of Defense Contract Award

Tuesday, 12-Aug-2003 4:20AM PDT
Story from Hart InterCivic via BizWire
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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 12, 2003--Hart InterCivic Inc.

-- Accenture-Led Team of Election and Technology Experts

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Developing Pilot System for the Federal Voting Assistance


-- SERVE Project Will Enable Secure and Timely Voting by Absentee

Uniformed Services Members and U.S. Citizens Overseas

Hart InterCivic is part of a team of leading corporations that have been awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Defense's Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). Working through the FVAP's Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE), the team of companies is developing a pilot system that enables absentee Uniformed Services members and U.S. citizens residing overseas to easily and securely register to vote and cast their ballots over the Internet for the 2004 U.S. Primaries and General Election.

The team, headed by Accenture (NYSE:ASN), a global management consulting and technology services company, also includes VeriSign (Nasdaq:VRSN), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ), Avanade and AFFINA, in addition to Hart InterCivic.

"Hart InterCivic brings an important perspective to the team, having worked closely with local election officials in numerous states for many decades," said Carol Paquette, SERVE project director.

"We are extremely proud to participate in the SERVE project and to be working with Accenture and the other team members," said Jerry Meadows, senior vice president of Hart InterCivic's Election Solutions Group. "The SERVE project strives to meet the important national goal of assuring that U.S. citizens overseas and the men and women in the Armed Forces and their families have an opportunity to vote securely, privately and easily. Just as important, we believe the SERVE project will pioneer technology that may become a voting standard for all citizens in the future."

Thousands of absentee uniformed services personnel, their dependents and overseas U.S. citizens qualify to participate in SERVE. For these citizens, voting can be complex and frustrating due to varying local procedures, mail delays and limited access to ballots or other election information. SERVE aims to improve absentee uniformed services and overseas citizens' access to the polls as an alternative to the current by-mail system.

The SERVE pilot features an end-to-end registration and voting system, integrated with local voter registration systems and processes; absentee ballot generation and tabulation systems; digital certificates; and multi-layer security protection.

After receiving a SERVE digital certificate, citizens will be able to register to vote; check their registration status; update registration information; view their absentee ballot; vote the ballot remotely; return the ballot; verify voted ballot selections; and check vote status.

Hart InterCivic is supplying their ballot definition and tabulation software to provide the system interface for the local jurisdictions. Hart will also be working with the participating states and counties to integrate the SERVE project with their existing voting systems.

The SERVE system will be deployed to participating jurisdictions by December 2003 for use from January-November, 2004. States currently expected to participate in SERVE include Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Washington. A full report on the SERVE project will be delivered to Congress in June 2005.

About Hart InterCivic

Hart InterCivic is the producer of the eSlate(tm) Electronic Voting System. The eSlate Electronic Voting System is one of the most widely used electronic voting systems in the nation. Since introducing the unique eSlate electronic voting solution in 2000, Hart InterCivic has sold 20,000 eSlate units to jurisdictions totaling more than 5 million registered voters. In the November 2002 elections, nearly one million votes were securely and accurately cast on the eSlate System.

From electronic voting to the most effective technologies for automating local government processes, Hart InterCivic's name stands for exceptional expertise, absolute accessibility and trusted transactions. Hart InterCivic is a leader in providing products and services that help redefine the relationship between state and local governments and the citizens they serve. Hart InterCivic, with offices throughout the United States, is working nationwide to bring governments closer to citizens through complete electronic government (eGovernment) solutions and election management solutions.

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